Jacquelynn Sullivan is a mixed media sculptor and installation artist, whose practice is routed in her love of printmaking, drawing, and hand sewing. With her work, she challenges the duality of seeing, seeing what is there and seeing what is missing or has changed. She has exhibited her work at Delta College, University Center, MI, The Gallery Project, Ann Arbor, MI, Manifest Gallery, Cinncinati ,OH, and The Sculpture Center, Cleveland, OH.

Sullivan earned her MFA from Michigan State University in 2011 and her BA in Studio Art and Art History from the University of Minnesota, Morris in 2008.  Since the Fall of 2014, Sullivan has had the pleasure of being the Director of Galleries and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Art, Art History, and Design at Michigan State University.


Artist Statement :

By isolating a moment, my work embraces the struggle of experience. The forms I construct explore the loss of the familiar and the everyday with layered snapshots of my family's past. Bringing together ordinary instances that together embody a lifetime. The figures in my work are frozen in time, referencing the strain we endure with the duality of seeing: seeing what is there and seeing what is missing or has changed. Life-scale images are layered, blurring the boundaries of time and combining moments that explore what happens when our mind begins to fail us and when no longer we can control what we know or who we recognize.
The work forms an environment that is met with a barrier of unanswered questions marking time that has been sealed-up and locked away. With this work, I respond to personal experiences in an attempt to depict a fear that plagues the human condition; patterns of illness and more specifically in this work, Alzheimer’s



CV available upon request.