Entropy-- Proposed to Installed

Last week Entropy was installed on the Lansing Art Path for the Summer of 2018. This piece was proposed and commissioned for a public pocket park in Downtown Lansing, Michigan. The pocket park is located between the R.E. Olds Transportation Museum and Impression 5 Science Center located off of Museum Drive. This piece marks the first collaboration I have embarked on with my husband Samuel Gould. This piece gave us the opportunity to fuse our creative research to infuse sculpture and percussion into an interactive sculpture exploring the pentatonic scale, the building of sound, and its diffusion.

Entropy is an interactive free-standing sound sculpture that with human interaction illuminates sounds of movement and harmonizes a lack of order or predictability. The form of the sculpture mimics the cycles sound repeats as it builds and then lessens with each interaction, making the viewer visibly aware of the changing shapes of sound. Simultaneously enveloping space with sounds of disorder and then gradually returning to silence. Viewers will be able to interact with the piece by entering into it through a barrier free entrance or through the perimeter of the sound sculpture.  Sounds created by the work are inspired by the ringing of handbells and the sounds commonly associated with a xylophone or metal wind chimes.